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Lighting companies to cut off the electricity business sector, LUNO-Lighting so

news information2016-03-01

News background

The implementation of the Jingdong group chief officer Liu Qiang East on 19 February evening in the Yabuli forum for the presentation of calling for you traditional brand entrepreneurs forget business. "Go back to the first thing to your ecommerce sector all employees are laid removed".

Liu Qiangdong said, brand manufacturers to put time and energy on the brand, do a good job in R & D design. Sales channels should be handed over to the retailer, to the agent, to the dealer to do a good job. If a considerable part of the sales through the electricity suppliers to sell their own words, is definitely a disaster.

Forum site, the chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba, Ma Yun was asked how to look at the Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong on the traditional enterprises to cut off the electricity business sector appeal". Ma Yun responded, "what is more easily than the cutting department, if entrepreneurs do business always pick the most easy thing, the enterprise how to do well."

Ma Yun believes that the electricity supplier is not a retail channel, not a sales approach, but a concept of progress, this progress is like electricity and firewood difference. So I think, not to turn off the electricity sector, instead of thinking about how to put the business department doing more powerful, real customer demand-oriented."

Industry big discussion

1, first of all, to talk about the lighting industry, Liu Qiang East called "brand enterprise the abolition of the electricity sector and Ma" brand enterprises should think electric sector bigger and stronger, you're more likely to whom?

LUNO: brand enterprises should think about the electricity supplier sector bigger and stronger, "Internet plus" to allow the company to better know ourselves, bring the biggest change is to better cater to the market, to the customer as the center, take the market as the center of production, customers want, accelerate the circulation of products.

2, at present, lighting lighting industry business boom. However, in each big electric business platform to profit is very few, do you think at this stage, lighting enterprises should not the abolition of the business department?

LUNO: with the rapid development of economy, the Internet and mobile Internet will be more in-depth to our work and life aspects. Refuse electricity supplier, and not lose one or two orders, but lost an era. After all, the electricity supplier is more than a sales channel, but the Internet era represent the general trend of commercial development, is the inevitable result of the development of. Electronic business is to let the traditional lighting business more than a product distribution channels, more sales, the traditional lighting companies should accept the electricity suppliers, and the perfect combination of electricity suppliers to create a better result. Lighting industry is a sunrise industry, the current stage of the "Internet plus lighting" is still in the promotion, the lighting enterprises retain the electricity supplier sector.

3, what do you think of the lighting companies can consider the lighting to retain the electricity business sector? What kind of lighting companies have to give up?

LUNO: in fact, each enterprise to meet the pace of development of the times, should make full use of the Internet era to do a good job of product promotion, not to say who is suitable and not suitable, the key is how to locate and planning.

4, if not removed, the lighting industry electricity supplier should seek what kind of development? If the abolition will develop?

LUNO: with China to build a well-off society to accelerate the process, users to continuously improve the quality requirements of increasingly strong, and in the new normal, people are willing to use more money to buy better products and services. Thus, highly innovative enterprises the next big opportunity. Competition of traditional lighting enterprises is fierce, which requires enterprises to dare to use diversified innovative means to win the competition in the market. Lighting industry should be more development and growth, to seek more room for progress.