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To pay tribute to the classic LUNO-Lighting ceiling lamps spring new listing

news information2016-03-12

The LUNO-Lighting20 anniversary of the spring bloom, Home Furnishing lighting lamps market.

When night falls, guide people towards home lamps and candles of a myriad families. Spring spirit Pumianerlai, as the new first flagship lamp, "flower of love" reminiscent of the warmth of the sun with the scent of the air, life is full of infinite yearning and vitality, the spread of color, add a little romance for the home. "Jane Eyre" and "elegant" series of going back to the simplicity, a scene of a thing all unabated, rapidly changing world of constant, the exploration of his exquisite and delicate. In the night elves, "Jing Ya" reveals a crystal like elegant, and "Yuet Ling" net suitable static spirit is exactly the same, a variety of colors camp create spring Yingying warm home. "Butterfly" and "Monternet", showing the character in the home, pervious to light and glare, add a soft and elegant, bring a house beautiful, let every day fragrant surplus sleeve. "KaKa" to give the child a series full of wit and humour, and mood, to create exclusive exclusive space.

The LUNO-Lighting ceiling lamps new released eight products, love flowers, love Jane, simple and elegant crystal, Yuet Ling, butterfly, Monternet, Kaka, leisurely new re interpretation of the charm of, to pay tribute to the classic.