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3.15 integrity of the business in the LUNO-Lighting market in Jiujiang

news information2016-03-16

"3 - 15" consumer rights day, all walks of life and setting off a fake tide. For LED lighting industry, the 315 should be a year of business and manufacturers 365 days of action. Whether it is lighting in the city or in the growing prosperity of the online store, an array of lamps and lanterns always lets a person difficult to make a choice. Because consumers do not have the professional knowledge, it is often difficult to choose suitable for their own lighting products.

Yesterday, LUNO-Lighting the office of Jiujiang participating in Jiujiang "3.15 large building materials exhibition" activities in East China, beautiful auspicious market held. Earlier this event, the Jiujiang TV reporter had to the market for an interview, more shows the importance of East China and the attention of 315 brands.

At the same time, from the beginning of March, the brand in the market classification of voting, screening qualifications are very strict. With a higher brand awareness in the industry, according to the beautiful auspicious East China market statistics, in the year 2015 operating performance in the same category ranking leader, with business ethics, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the year 2015 zero complaints merchants. Eventually, LUNO-Lighting in the major well-known brands come to the fore, the total number of votes second.