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I'm sorry, I chose LUNO-Lighting......

news information2016-03-21

Some people said that after the house does not understand the decoration

Some people say that the house lighting do not understand the choice

It is said that the lighting brands do not understand the choice

I said, in fact, I understand

Sorry, I choose LUNO, do not look for me.

Here are 20 years of brand history

In Shanghai on the road to feel the traces of time and time

Here are the beginning of the heart is not the same but the continuous improvement of the enterprise

Whether there will be a feeling to witness this moment

There is a full range of lighting and electrical products

Rich product system

Ling Lang everywhere, panoramic view

Here is the charm of the display of the terminal image

Will let you see a light

There is a complete production system.

There is no worry about the background protection

And a series of quality services

Here are a number of media support




LUNO, a long aftertaste of the brand

LUNO, a way of enterprise

This is a "fullness" of the LUNO

I'm sorry! I chose LUNO! Don't look for me anymore...