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LUNO-Lighting20 years from the “xin”

news information2016-04-07

In order to meet the LUNO's 20 birthday, LUNO Jiangmen office base upgrade by "heart" starting from the new start.

Has a number of outstanding staff is enterprise's greatest wealth, only greatly enhance their cohesion, improve employee satisfaction, fully arouse the staff warmly, to become the most competitive enterprise. The upgrade of the office is to allow employees to work in a better environment, feel the company's strong cultural atmosphere, thereby enhancing the cohesion of the enterprise.

Office of the original building transfer to the second floor, the overall pattern is divided into, curved front desk, reception room, meeting room, manager room, financial room, reading room, employee recreation area and office hall. Compared with the old pattern that the creation of the reading room and the staff recreation area, under the serious office environment, let the staff in a relaxed new environment, after work can also play in the lounge, to narrow the distance between colleagues, enhance the feelings between colleagues.

The overall office of the natural log style, fully in line with the LUNO-Lighting environmental policy, focusing on environmental protection and energy saving, to create a green space. Light and transparent display of simple and bright, so that employees work in a relaxed atmosphere, improve work efficiency.

LUNO-Lighting, advocate a new era of green energy, is committed to green energy-saving lighting products R & D, production and sales, while the modern minimalist fashion design concept permeates home lighting and engineering lighting field, to achieve the perfect fusion of art furniture and lighting technology. LUNO-Lighting Jiangmen center will present a new style, will bring the same, not the same as LUNO.