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Lead China, LUNO Nantong said more in doing

news information2016-04-18

On April 16, "power and glory future" Nantong LUNO core area dealers peak and the new promotion will be held in LUNO-Lighting Nantong operations center. LUNO-Lighting marketing director Longwei, LUNO-Lighting Nantong operations center general manager AI Dong Miao, LUNO-Lighting North District Manager Xu Shuxiao, electrical business manager Liu Quanxiong, led business manager Feng Guangwei, and Nantong area hundreds of core distributors attended the event.

Ahead of the meeting, all the core dealers arrived at the operations center in Nantong to visit the LUNO image of the exhibition hall, exhibition hall of 400 square Home Furnishing new products in the first time to get updates and show. Visit the core dealer full of praise, "the Home Furnishing new style, bright, very awesome, LED bulb new products upgrade, the light-emitting surface is larger, a higher degree of recognition, LUNO electrician required to follow the market, the launch of the switch plate series price high acclaimed!"

Nantong operations center the new promotion cum ordering the breakout single product, focus, more competitive, customers have enthusiastically ordering. After the meeting, the general manager of Nantong operations center in Nantong city Le Grand Large Hotel dinner guests, exciting raffle......

Nantong operations center as a strength of LUNO-Lighting, the development of the horse really impressive......